Bean Thread Noodles Soup with Pork

Bean Thread Noodles Soup with Pork



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Delicious bean thread noodles soup with pork and fried pork skin is Khmer ethnic food. Back home, on Cambodian New Year Eve, Khmer  cooks bean thread noodle soup with pork for food offerings because of tradition believe that pork is symbol of wealth, and bean thread noodles is symbol of harmony. It is one of the best Asian recipes in South East Asia. Cambodian people like  to prefer cooking this kind of food for serving their family and friends. Let’s start to make Bean Thread Noodles Soup with Pork with me.

Note: Do not mistaken fried pork skins for fish maws. Fried pork skins are large, feather light ,thin, crispy sheet while fish maws are small tubes size of little finger. To learn more Cambodian recipes Please visit: Cambodian Cooking


Package bean thread noodle½
Large sheet fried pork skins (approx 1/2 oz)1
Chicken bones0.45 kg
Cups water5
Pork meat, sliced thin0.25 kg
Yellow onion, sliced1
Carrot, peeled and sliced1
Tablespoons fish sauce2
Tablespoon sugar½
Teaspoon salt½
Teaspoon black pepper¼
Stalks green onion, chopped2
handful of fresh cilantro, choppedA

Directions to make Bean Thread Noodles Soup with Pork

  1. Soaked bean thread noodles and fried pork skin with warm water in separated bowls till it soften.
  2. Drained bean thread noodles and cut length in half, set a side.
  3. Drained fried pork skin and cut in to chunks bite sizes, set a side.
  4. Put chicken bones and water in a soup pot and cook till the chicken meat tender, removed chicken bones from soup pot.
  5. Add pork meat, yellow onion, carrot and fried pork skins, and cook till meat tender.
  6. Seasoning with fish sauce, sugar, salt and black pepper.
  7. Add bean thread noodles in to boiling soup, stirs well.
  8. Top with green onion and cilantro before serve.
  9. Serve hot with rice.
  10. Note: If soup thicken diluted with more chicken broth or water.

Enjoy it with me

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