Shrimp and Pickle Lotus Stems

Shrimp and Pickle Lotus Stems



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One of Sino-Khmer favorite holiday recipes to cook for Chinese New Year is stir-fry shrimp with crisp pickle lotus. This recipe is quick, easy and delicious. Great for serve as appetizer (mahope sar) or serve with rice along with a salty dish such as caramelized pork and egg with coconut juice. It is one of the best Asian recipes in South East Asia. Cambodian people like  to prefer cooking this kind of food. Let’s start to make Shrimp and Pickle Lotus Stems with me.


Tablespoons vegetable oil2
Cloves garlic,minced3
Yellow onion or 6 scallions, sliced1
Shrimp, peeled and deveined0.50 kg
Pickle lotus stems, rinsed and drained0.50 kg
Tablespoon soy sauce1
Tablespoon fish sauce1
Teaspoon sugar1
Teaspoon salt¼
Stalks green onion, chopped2
Teaspoon black pepper¼
handful chopped cilantro (option)A

Directions to make Shrimp and Pickle Lotus Stems

  1. Pre heat a skillet or wok.
  2. When wok is hot, add oil, garlic, yellow onion (or scallions), shrimp and lotus stems, stirs till shrimp turns darker pink color.
  3. Seasoning with soy sauce, fish sauce, sugar, and salt, stirs well.
  4. Add green onion and black pepper, stirs.
  5. Top with chopped cilantro.
  6. Serve hot.

Enjoy it with me

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