Winter Melon Gourd and Steamed Mackerel Soup

Winter Melon Gourd and Steamed Mackerel Soup



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Salty steamed mackerels and winter melon gourd soup is Khmer country food that original from Cambodia. Most people prefers boneless salty steamed mackerel for this soup. It is one of the best Asian recipes in South East Asia. Cambodian people like  to prefer cooking this kind of food for serving their family and friends. Let’s start to make Winter Melon Gourd and Steamed Mackerel Soup with me.


Tablespoons vegetable oil2
Clove garlic, chopped1
Package of 2 salty steamed mackerel1
Cups water or 2 canned(14.5 oz) chicken broth4
(approx 2-3 lbs) winter melon gourd, peeled and cut in to chunks bite sizes1
Tablespoons fish sauce2
Teaspoon salt¼
Tablespoon sugar1
Teaspoon black pepper¼
Stalks green onion,chopped2

Directions to make Winter Melon Gourd and Steamed Mackerel Soup

  1. To de-bones fish(optional). First cleaned fish; removed fish heads and guts, take a little sharp knife cut an opening at it belly as butterfly cut and gently pulls the central bones out without breaking it shape, set a side.
  2. Pre-heat a skillet or wok.
  3. When wok is hot, add oil and garlic, stirs till garlic brown but not burn, removed toasted garlic from hot oil, add steamed mackerel, pan fried steamed mackerel till it lightly brown on both sides and set a side.
  4. Put winter melon and water (or chicken broth)in a soup pot, cooked till winter melon gourd almost tender.
  5. Add steamed mackerel, cooked till winter melon gourd tender.
  6. Seasoning with fish sauce, salt, sugar and black pepper.
  7. Top with green onion before serve.
  8. Serve hot with rice.

Enjoy it with me

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