Chicken Bamboo Shoot Soup Recipe

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Chicken Bamboo Shoot Soup Recipe

The Chicken Bamboo Shoot Soup Recipe offers a delightful combination of chicken and bamboo shoots in a flavorful broth. This dish is easy to prepare and can be made at home with readily available ingredients. For the best results, using fresh bamboo shoots is recommended, and serving the soup with a mint dressing enhances its flavor profile.

The main components of the dish include a big chicken leg, cut into small chunks, and bamboo shoots, which are cut into bite-sized pieces. Additionally, a garlic paste is prepared using three cloves of garlic and half a teaspoon of salt, pounded together in a mortar and pestle. Knorr chicken powder, fish sauce, water, and chicken broth are used to create a savory and aromatic broth. These ingredients come together to form a flavorful base for the soup.

To make the mint lime fish sauce dressing, a combination of fresh mint leaves, Thai basil, Vietnamese mint, and saw leaves is used. Lime juice, fish sauce, pounded garlic, a chili, and Vietnamese fermented fish paste are added to create a zesty and piquant dressing. The flavors can be adjusted to personal taste preferences, allowing for customization.

In the cooking process, the chicken is first boiled in a medium soup pot with water and broth until it is almost cooked through. Bamboo shoots are then added and cooked until they reach a tender consistency. The garlic paste, Knorr chicken powder, and fish sauce are incorporated, adding depth and seasoning to the soup. The dish is finished by adding Tuk Trey Jruk, a type of Asian fish sauce, just before serving to enhance the flavor.

This Chicken Bamboo Shoot Soup is best enjoyed hot and is typically served with rice. While the recipe suggests using the Asian type skinny yellow chicken for an authentic flavor, it notes that this type of chicken requires a longer cooking time. Overall, this recipe provides a straightforward way to create a flavorful and comforting soup at home, making it a wonderful addition to any meal.


1 big chicken leg cut into small chunk
3 cup of bamboo shoots cut to bite size
3 garlic cloves with ½ teaspoon of salt (pound in mortar Pestle to paste)
1 teaspoon of Knorr chicken powder
3 tablespoon of fish sauce
4 cup of water
1 can of chicken broth
½ teaspoon of salt

Mint lime fish sauce dressing

Mints, Thai basil, Vietnamese mint, Saw leaves (all you need just few leaves)
Lime juice
Fish sauce
1 cloves of garlic (pound to paste)
1 chili
1 tablespoon of Vietnamese fermented fish in a bottle
Mix everything together and adjust the flavor to your taste
Mint lime fish sauce dressing

Directions to make Chicken Bamboo Shoot Soup Recipe

  1. In a medium soup pot boil the water and broth then add chicken cook until chicken is almost done
  2. Add bamboo shoots and cooked until it is tender
  3. Add garlic paste, Knorr chicken powder and fish sauce (don’t make it too salty because you serve it with Tuk Trey Jruk)
  4. When the chicken and bamboo shoots are done turn the heat off.
  5. When ready to serve add Tuk Trey Jruk to it. This soup taste better with the Asian type skinny yellow chicken ( Sach Mouan Sweat) but it takes too long to cook the chicken.

Serve hot with rice Thank you and enjoy it.

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1

Calories Per Serving: 1106

% Daily Value
Total Carbohydrate ‏31g 11%
Cholesterol ‏431mg 144%
Total Fat ‏22g 28%
Saturated Fat ‏7g 35%
Dietary Fiber ‏10g 36%
Protein ‏189g 378%
Sodium ‏8488mg 369%
Sugars ‏18g 36%


30 min


30 min




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