Green Papaya Salad with Pork and Shrimp

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Green Papaya Salad with Pork and Shrimp

Green Papaya Salad with Pork and Shrimp is a delightful Khmer dish that reflects the rich culinary traditions of Cambodia. Often served as a snack, appetizer (mahope sar), or alongside rice, this scrumptious salad showcases the fusion of flavors from pork belly, medium shrimp, and green papaya. The dish offers flexibility in taste customization, emphasizing the importance of adjusting the sweet fish sauce to personal preferences by either adding or decreasing ingredients before pouring it over the salad.

To prepare this dish, start by boiling 1/2 lb of pork belly in water until tender. Once cooked, slice the pork thinly after it has cooled. In the same boiling water, cook 1/2 lb of medium shrimp until they turn a darker pink color. After boiling, rinse the shrimp with cold water, peel, devein, and set aside. The salad assembly involves combining the shredded green papaya, sliced pork, cooked shrimp, sweet onion, and a handful of chopped mint or other preferred herbs in a large bowl.

The final touch is the addition of sweet fish sauce, poured over the mixture and thoroughly mixed in. The result is a harmonious blend of textures and flavors, making the Green Papaya Salad with Pork and Shrimp a refreshing and satisfying dish. It is recommended to serve the salad immediately to enjoy the vibrant combination of ingredients. This Khmer culinary creation not only satiates the taste buds but also allows for a personalized culinary experience through flavor adjustments.


1/2 lb (225 gram) of pork belly ( unsalted bacon) *sach chrouk bey choen* in Khmer
3 cups of water
1/2 lb (225 gram) of medium shrimp
1 large green papaya , approx 900 gram, peeled, seeded and shredded, or 6 cups already shredded green papaya
1/2 sweet onion, sliced
A handful chopped mint or your choices of fresh herbs
1/2 cup of sweet fish sauce

Directions to make Green Papaya Salad with Pork and Shrimp

  1. Put pork meat and water in a small pot, boiled till meat tender. Removed cooked pork meat, set a side to cool down before slices thin and set a side.
  2. Cooked shrimp in same boiling water till shrimp turns darker pink color. Pour cooked shrimp in a colander, rinsed with cold water, peeled, deveins shrimp and set a side.
  3. In a large bowl, put papaya, pork meat, shrimp, onion and mint together.
  4. Pour sweet fish sauce over and mix well.

Serve immediately.

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 4

Calories Per Serving: 577

% Daily Value
Total Carbohydrate ‏42g 15%
Cholesterol ‏177mg 59%
Total Fat ‏27g 35%
Saturated Fat ‏16g 80%
Dietary Fiber ‏6g 21%
Protein ‏45g 90%
Sodium ‏3860mg 168%
Sugars ‏24g 48%


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15 min




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