Homemade No Bake Cookies Recipe

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Homemade No Bake Cookies Recipe

The Homemade No Bake Cookies Recipe offers a quick and easy way to create delicious treats using basic ingredients like sugar, cocoa powder, butter, milk, peanut butter, vanilla, oatmeal, and optional dried fruit. The key to success lies in achieving the perfect boiling time; too long can result in dry, crumbly cookies, while too short may prevent proper formation.

To prepare the cookies, the sugar, cocoa powder, milk, butter, and peanut butter are melted together in a saucepan over low heat. This mixture is boiled for a minute before incorporating the vanilla, oatmeal, and optional raisins or dried fruit. The ingredients are stirred thoroughly, and the heat is then turned off.

The next step involves dropping spoonfuls of the mixture onto waxed paper or foil, allowing it to cool and harden. The resulting cookies are characterized by a soft and chewy texture. For optimal results, it’s recommended to let the cookies cool overnight, allowing the flavors to meld and the texture to set.

This recipe provides a versatile foundation for creativity. One can customize the cookies by adding different types of dried fruits or even experimenting with variations of nut butter. Overall, the Homemade No Bake Cookies Recipe offers a hassle-free way to enjoy delectable treats without the need for baking, making it a convenient and satisfying option for any occasion.


2 cups of sugar
4 tablespoon of cocoa powder
1 stick of butter
1/2 cup of milk
1 cup of chunky peanut butter
1 tablespoon of vanilla
3 cups of roll Oatmeal
1/2 cup of raisins or any dried fruit you like
Foil or fax paper to cover the tray

Directions to make Homemade No Bake Cookies Recipe

  1. In a sauce pan melt the sugar, cocoa powder, milk, butter, on low heat boil for 1 minute then add peanut, butter, vanilla and oatmeal, raisins, stir well then turn the heat off.
  2. On a sheet of waxed paper or foil, drop mixture 1 teaspoonfuls, let it cool and hardened.
    This cookies is soft and chewy, I let it cool overnight.

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 7

Calories Per Serving: 801

% Daily Value
Total Carbohydrate ‏146g 53%
Cholesterol ‏63mg 21%
Total Fat ‏26g 33%
Saturated Fat ‏16g 80%
Dietary Fiber ‏5g 18%
Protein ‏5g 10%
Sodium ‏374mg 16%
Sugars ‏124g 248%


30 min


30 min




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