Bitter Vines Soup with Chicken

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Bitter Vines Soup with Chicken

Bitter Vines Soup with Chicken, a delicacy from the Khmer Krom countryside, offers a delightful combination of flavors with its mild bitterness and easy preparation. This authentic soup showcases the simplicity of Khmer Krom country food, making it accessible to anyone looking to enjoy a unique culinary experience.

The recipe starts by bringing four cups of water to a boil in a soup pot. Bite-sized pieces of chicken, either thighs or breast, are then added and cooked until tender, infusing the broth with rich poultry flavors. The star ingredient, bitter vines, is cut lengthwise and introduced to the pot, providing a distinctive taste that is pleasantly mild. The flavors are further enhanced with fish sauce, sugar, salt, and a hint of black pepper.

Garnishing the soup with chopped green onions adds a fresh and aromatic touch, complementing the overall flavor profile. To fully appreciate the Bitter Vines Soup with Chicken, it is served piping hot alongside rice. This dish not only exemplifies the unique culinary offerings of Khmer Krom but also underscores the ease with which simple ingredients can be transformed into a satisfying and flavorful meal. It invites individuals to savor the distinctive taste of bitter vines in a warm and comforting bowl, making it a cherished part of Khmer Krom cuisine.


4 cups of water
1 lb (450 gram) of chicken thighs or 1 piece chicken breast, cut to bite sizes
1 lb (450 gram) of bitter vines , cut length in half and drained
2 tablespoons of fish sauce
1 tablespoon of sugar
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1/4 teaspoon of black pepper
2 stalks green onion, chopped

Directions to make Bitter Vines Soup with Chicken

  1. Put water in a soup pot, cook till water bubbling.
  2. Add chicken meat in boiling water, cook till meat tender.
  3. Add bitter vines, stirs.
  4. Seasoning with fish sauce, sugar, salt and black pepper, stirs well.
  5. Top with green onion.

Serve hot with rice.

Enjoy it

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 2

Calories Per Serving: 1000

% Daily Value
Total Carbohydrate ‏33g 12%
Cholesterol ‏404mg 135%
Total Fat ‏34g 44%
Saturated Fat ‏9g 45%
Dietary Fiber ‏2g 7%
Protein ‏137g 274%
Sodium ‏3796mg 165%
Sugars ‏15g 30%


30 min


30 min




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