History of Cambodia Banknote

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History of Cambodia Banknote

Cambodia Banknote History: Cambodian currency called the Riel issued in 1955, when it replaced the formerly used Indochinese piastres. Cambodia doesn’t deal in coins, with all currency coming in notes that range from 50 to 100,000 riel. Each note depicts different historical and cultural scenes, as well as iconic people. During the government of Pol Pot in 1975-1979 the monetary circulation and the banking system were dismissed; all that restored by 1979. 1 riel equals 100 cents.

Currently issued banknotes

  • 100 riels issued August 9, 2001, main picture: Independence Monument and School
  • 500 riels issued April 4, 2003, main picture: Angkor Wat and Kizuna bridge over the Mekong
  • 1,000 riels issued January 6, 2006 Main picture: Southern gate at Bayon and Autonomous Port of Kampong Saom (Sihanoukville)
  • 2,000 riels issued January 3, 2008, main picture: Prasat Preah Vihear and Angkor Wat and Field Work
  • 5,000 riels issued April 6, 2001, main picture: King Norodom Sihanouk and Bridge of Kampong Kdei (Siem Reap Province)
  • 10,000 riels issued April 6, 2001, main picture: King Norodom Sihanouk and Royal Palace (Phnom Penh)
  • 20,000 riels issued December 5, 2008, main piture: King Norodom Sihamoni and Angkor Wat, Four faces of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara
  • 50,000 riels issued April 6, 2001, main picture: King Norodom Sihanouk and Angkor Wat

Pre-Angkor Empire coin

Although Cambodia didn’t issue its own currency till when independence in 1953, the coins circulated here for over 1000 years, even before the Angkor Empire. These coins was found at excavation sites which belong to the Funan era, the first kingdom to emerge within the region. The coins unearthed to date were made of many kinds of metal – copper, tin, silver and gold.

French Indochina banknote

Between 1863 and 1953, France enforced the measure in Kingdom of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. The 3 countries used common currencies issued by Banque Diamond State l’Indochine.

Cambodia banknote (1956-1970)

The Kingdom of Cambodia had its own currency after it achieved full independence from France on 9 November, 1953. The full service bank of Kingdom of Cambodia was established on December 1954 and with success launched the new Cambodian monetary unit in Sep 1955.

Khmer Republic banknote (1970-1975)

The Khmer Republic took power in the 18 March 1970 coup against Prince Norodom Sihanouk, then the country’s head of state. the Khmer Republic was formally declared on 9 October 1970. During this time, the bank of Cambodia had issued new banknotes to replace the old regime banknotes.

Khmer Rouge banknote (1975-1979)

The National Bank of Cambodia was closed due to the Khmer Rouge regime. The building was destroyed, the banking system collapsed, and the use of Khmer riel notes was eliminated. The political leader of the regime eventually did turn out banknotes, however they were never used.

People Republic of Kampuchea banknote (1979-1991)

After the collapse of the Khmer Rouge regime in 1979, the People Republic of Kampuchea monetary unit was re-established because the national currency. the primary banknotes were distributed on March twenty, 1980.

State of Cambodia Banknote (1990-1992)

The Cambodian state during its transitional times until the restoration of the monarchy. During this time Cambodia Bank had issued new banknotes to replace the People Republic of Kampuchea banknote.

Kingdom of Cambodia banknote (1993-present)

In 1992 the UN shift Authority in Kingdom of Cambodia (UNTAC) brought aid to reform Cambodia economy. Gradually the banking system was strengthened and modernized and Cambodia becomes one of the strongest growing economies in the world. During this time, Bank of Cambodia had issue new banknote to replace old regime banknote and still in use till present.

Modern Cambodian banknotes area presented with pictures of Cambodian heroes, individuals and economic development.

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