Fried Curry Bread

Fried Curry Bread



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15 min

Khmer love yucca root(cassava roots). We use cassava roots from soup to dessert. This curry bread made from shredded cassava root and Khmer’s favorite spices. It is one of the best Asian recipes in South East Asia. Cambodian people like  to prefer cooking this kind of food. Let’s start to make Fried Curry Bread with me.


Cups shredded cassava (approx 0.75 kg) yucca root4
Stalks green onion, minced2
Tablespoons fresh or frozen minced lemon grass2
Hot chili pepper or to your taste,minced2
Tablespoon curry powder1
Cups vegetable oil for deep fry4
Teaspoon salt (option)¼

Directions to make Fried Curry Bread

  1. Squeezes out liquid from shredded cassava root, put it in a large bowl, add green onion, lemon grass, hot chili pepper and curry powder, mix well.
  2. Form cassava mixtured to a small elongate shape like finger. When done set it a side.
  3. Heat oil in a skillet or wok on high temperature. When oil bubbling hot, fry curry bread till it golden.Removed fried bread from hot oit and placed in a strainer to drained out excessive oil. Springkles with salt before serve.
  4. Note: Make sure oil is bubbling hot before deep fry cassava bread otherwise it will fall apart.

Enjoy it with me

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