Cambodia Shopping Tips

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Cambodia Shopping Tips

Cambodia Shopping Tips: When touring Cambodia, buying some valuable and inexpensive souvenirs featuring with the famous Angkor Wat and other Khmer symbols is a good choice to mark your tour in Cambodia. Shopping in Cambodia is simple and you can easily find things that you want.

Shopping Tips

  1. In Phnom Penh, you can go to Lucky Supermarket, Night Market, Olympic Market and Russian Market to purchase products while in Siem Reap, you can go to Angkor Night Market, Khmer Ceramic Centre, Angkor Gallery and Angkor Market to search for things that you want.
  2. Always remember to bargin when buying thingsin local markets to make sure you get the best prices.
  3. Bringing a genuine antique out of Cambodia is prohibited and the penalty could be harsh.
  4. Be care when you decide to buy the local crafts for there might be some fake goods.

What to Buy

Weaving Silk

Weaving silk, also known as the Khmer Silk, is the most popular products sold on the Cambodia streets. They are beautifully designed and hand-made, using the traditional methods with the pattern dyed into the threads before the silk is woven. Old silk and new silk are both sold with the same quality but not the same price.

Wood Carving

A traditional handwork in Cambodia. There are a variety of attractive and decorative wooden items, including furniture and Apsaras. The prices are related with the size, the quality of wood and the handiwork. Be careful when choose the wooden carved items.


The most representative souvenir for Cambodia may be the artist items related to the Angkor. On the streets or in a market, you can find paintings with Angkor Wat and the carvings on the walls. If you visit a Gallery, you will find original oil and watercolor paintings, created to add some bright colors to everyday life.


The T-shirt featuring the famous Angkor Wat and other Khmer symbols is one of the perfect souvenirs you should buy, because it is easy to carry and memorable. Price ranges from $2~5 depending on the quality and where you get.

Handicraft, Statues and Gemstones

The Cambodians are born with the gift of making exquisite handicraft, delicate carvings and Buddha Statues. Rubies, sapphires and emeralds are available in the markets. With Cambodia’s tourism industry expanding, numerous silver shops have sprung up, selling carved decorative and practical items. The normal working material is an alloy which contains 70% – 80% of pure silver, and prices are based on a combination of weight and artistry.


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