DOs and DO NOTs in Cambodia

February 27, 2023  Cambodian Chef Avatar
DOs and DO NOTs in Cambodia

DOs and DO NOTs in Cambodia: People in Asian country square measure well-known for his or her welcome and heat. Out of respect, guests to the dominion ought to watch out to look at native customs and practices. you will notice it helpful to inform yourself with the subsequent common dos and don’ts before embarking on your trip to Asian country.

DOs in Cambodia

  • Ask for permission before taking images of any Cambodian folks or monks.
  • It is customary to get rid of your shoes once getting into an area of worship like a temple or temple. to boot, guests ought to dress suitably once within a spiritual website (upper arms and legs ought to be lined, hats removed).
  • It is respectful to get rid of your shoes once getting into someone’s home.
  • Though not perpetually expected, a respectful method of salutation another individual is to bow the pinnacle slightly with hands ironed along at the chest (known as “Sampeah”).
  • If invited to eat a Cambodian family’s home, it’s polite to bring alittle gift for the host like fruit, dessert, or flowers.
  • If invited to attend a Cambodian wedding, it’s customary to bring money as a marriage gift.
  • When employing a strip at the table, use one hand to hide your mouth.
  • Keep business cards prepared, and gift them with each hands. settle for business cards with each hands.

DO NOTs in Cambodia

  • Don’t use your feet to purpose at somebody.
  • Don’t bit a Cambodian person on the pinnacle.
  • Don’t begin feeding if you’re a guest at a dinner and also the host has however to require a bite.
  • Women ought to ne’er bit male monks or hand one thing on to them.
  • Keep public displays of affectionate to a respectful minimum.
  • Commonsense Practices

Do not litter; keep our community clean and safe

Plastic luggage is hazardous; dispose them properly


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