Fish Patty With Lime and Shallot Dressing

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Fish Patty With Lime and Shallot Dressing

The Fish Patty with Lime and Shallot Dressing offers a delightful and simple culinary experience. The recipe, designed to be quick and easy, is especially appealing for children. The dish’s versatility allows for personal flavor combinations, making it adaptable to individual preferences.

The main ingredient is a pound of freshly prepared salmon paste, which can also be made from any fresh white fish. This is combined with a blend of lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, garlic, and galangal known as kroeung, providing a distinct and aromatic flavor profile. Additional elements like Knorr chicken bouillon, cornstarch, baking powder, water, sugar, fish sauce, and seasoning soy sauce contribute to the overall taste and texture of the fish patty.

To accompany the fish patty, a zesty Lime Dipping Sauce is prepared. It incorporates the juice and pulp of two limes, minced or ground garlic, thinly sliced shallots, fish sauce, sugar, minced Thai chilies, and roasted crushed peanuts. These ingredients are combined to create a tangy and flavorful dressing that perfectly complements the fish patty. The addition of a garnish with green onions adds a fresh and visually appealing touch.

The preparation of the fish patty is straightforward. The fish paste and lemongrass mixture, along with the other seasonings, are combined and left to firm up in the refrigerator for at least an hour. Once ready, the mixture is formed into patties and fried in a nonstick pan with vegetable or olive oil until golden brown on each side. After frying, the patties are allowed to cool on paper towels.

For those looking to add extra texture, the option to include long beans and onions in the patty wrap is provided. This enhances the overall eating experience, providing a slightly chunkier texture. In conclusion, the Fish Patty with Lime and Shallot Dressing is a simple yet flavorful dish that is sure to please both kids and adults alike. With its easily adjustable ingredients, it offers a versatile base for creative culinary exploration.


1 lb (450 gram) of fresh salmon paste (I did it by hand), you can use any fresh white fish for this recipe
1/2 cup of kroeung (blender of lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, garlic, galangal)
1 tablespoon of Knorr chicken bouillon
2 tablespoon of cornstarch
1/2 tablespoon of baking powder
1/2 cup of water ( do adjust the water for thickness)
1 tablespoon of sugar
1 tablespoon of fish sauce
1 tablespoon of seasoning soy sauce

Lime dipping sauce

Juice and pulp of 2 limes (if the lime is big use1 lime)
4 cloves of garlic minced or ground to paste
1 big shallot thinly sliced
4 tablespoon of fish sauce
1 tablespoon of sugar
2 Thai chilies minced
1 tablespoon of roasted crush peanut
1 green onion for garnish
Mix everything together and adjust to your taste

Directions to make Fish Patty With Lime and Shallot Dressing

  1. Mix the fish paste and lemongrass paste and the rest of the seasoning together include water.
  2. The fish paste may look soft, but don’t worry because it will firm it up in the refrigerator.
  3. Chile you’re the mixture in the refrigerator for at least an hour.
  4. Then form into patty
  5. Put ¼ cup of vegetable oil or olive oil in nonstick fry pan
  6. Fry each side of the salmon patty for 4 minutes each or till golden brown
  7. Take it out and let it cool down on paper towel.
  8. If you do the wrap add 2 tablespoon of long beans, 2 tablespoon of white or red onion to it. This will make the texture a bit chunkier to eat.

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 2

Calories Per Serving: 357

% Daily Value
Total Carbohydrate ‏16g 6%
Cholesterol ‏194mg 65%
Total Fat ‏12g 15%
Saturated Fat ‏2g 10%
Dietary Fiber ‏1g 4%
Protein ‏46g 92%
Sodium ‏1128mg 49%
Sugars ‏6g 12%


30 min


15 min




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