Deep Fry Banana Recipe

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Deep Fry Banana Recipe

Deep fry banana is a popular and easy-to-make snack in Hawaii, often sold by locals along the roadside. This delectable treat requires just a few basic ingredients: bananas, sugar, spring roll wrappers, chocolate syrup, powdered sugar, and vegetable oil for frying. The recipe begins by cutting the bananas in half and wrapping them in spring roll wrappers, akin to a traditional method. The next step involves heating vegetable oil over medium heat and frying one or two bananas at a time. It’s crucial to maintain the right temperature to avoid overcooking or burning the bananas. In just a minute or so, the spring roll wrapper achieves a golden brown hue. The fried bananas are then removed and allowed to drain on a paper towel. Finally, they are adorned with a drizzle of chocolate syrup and a sprinkle of powdered sugar, although they can also be enjoyed plain. It’s important to savor them while they’re hot for the best flavor.

This delightful deep fry banana recipe embodies the simplicity and deliciousness of Hawaiian street food. The key ingredients, including bananas, sugar, and spring roll wrappers, contribute to its easy preparation. Frying the wrapped bananas in vegetable oil requires a watchful eye to ensure they attain a perfect golden brown hue without overcooking. The addition of chocolate syrup and powdered sugar offers a sweet and indulgent finishing touch. The contrast between the warm, crispy exterior and the soft, sweet banana interior creates a delightful sensory experience. It’s a snack that’s best enjoyed fresh and warm.

The allure of deep fry banana lies in its fusion of textures and flavors. The crunchy spring roll wrapper encases a tender, caramelized banana, creating a delightful contrast that is further enhanced by the sweet drizzle of chocolate and powdered sugar. The recipe’s simplicity and accessibility make it a popular choice for those seeking a quick, satisfying treat. Whether enjoyed on the go from a roadside vendor or made at home, deep fry banana offers a taste of Hawaiian culinary culture that is both delightful and easy to recreate.

In summary, the deep fry banana recipe is a beloved Hawaiian snack known for its simplicity and deliciousness. With just a few basic ingredients, including bananas, sugar, and spring roll wrappers, anyone can recreate this delectable treat at home. Frying the wrapped bananas in vegetable oil requires careful attention to prevent overcooking. The addition of chocolate syrup and powdered sugar provides a sweet finishing touch. The combination of crispy exterior and soft, sweet banana interior makes for a delightful culinary experience, best enjoyed while still warm. Whether enjoyed on the roadside in Hawaii or made in the comfort of one’s kitchen, deep fry banana offers a taste of Hawaiian street food culture that is both accessible and delightful.


10 Banana cut in half
Spring roll wrapper
1 cup of any kind of chocolate syrup
2 tablespoon of powder sugar
1 cut of vegetable oil for deep fry

Directions to make Deep Fry Banana Recipe

  1. Wrap half of the banana like you do with spring roll
  2. Heat oil on medium heat deep fry one or 2 bananas at a time
  3. Make sure the heat not too hot or else you burn it
  4. It only takes a minute or so to get the spring roll
  5. Wrapper turns golden brown
  6. Take it out drain on a paper towel
  7. Drizzle with chocolate and powder sugar
  8. Or serve it without anything on it

Serve hot (it won’t taste good if it is cold)


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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 2

Calories Per Serving: 360

% Daily Value
Total Carbohydrate ‏90g 33%
Total Fat ‏1g 1%
Dietary Fiber ‏8g 29%
Protein ‏4g 8%
Sodium ‏40mg 2%
Sugars ‏54g 108%


30 min


14 min




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