Cambodian Sandwich Recipe

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Cambodian Sandwich Recipe

The Cambodian Sandwich, known as Num Pang, is a beloved dish in Asian cuisine and is renowned for its delectable combination of flavors. The heart of this sandwich lies in a French baguette that’s generously filled with a tantalizing mix of ingredients including BBQ meat or sardines, jalapeño pepper, cucumber, and a medley of cilantro.

A key component to enhancing the sandwich’s taste is the addition of a flavorful spread, which can be either mayonnaise or Vietnamese paste. The baguette is toasted to perfection, providing a delightful crunch to complement the succulent fillings.

For a burst of tangy sweetness, a pickle of julienned carrots and daikon is prepared by dissolving sugar, salt, and vinegar in water and then soaking the vegetables. This adds a refreshing and zesty element to the sandwich.

To assemble the Cambodian Sandwich, the toasted baguette is sliced lengthwise and generously spread with the chosen condiment. The meat and jalapeño are layered, followed by crisp slices of cucumber. A drizzle of soy sauce and rooster sauce infuses the sandwich with a savory kick. The star of the show, the pickle of carrot and daikon, is generously piled on top, adding a satisfying crunch and a burst of flavor. To finish, a sprinkling of fresh cilantro crowns the sandwich with a final flourish of herbaceous goodness.

This recipe encapsulates the essence of Cambodian cuisine, delivering a mouthwatering blend of textures and tastes within a humble baguette. With its harmonious fusion of ingredients, the Cambodian Sandwich stands as a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Cambodia.


1 French baguette
1 cup of Mayonnaise or Vietnamese paste
1 tablespoon of Jalapeno pepper
1 Cucumber
1 cup of Cilantro
2 tablespoon of Soy sauce
1 tablespoon of Rooster sauce
1/2 lb of BBQ meat, or sardine

Pickle carrot daikon

4 cups of mix carrot and daikon julienned
1 cup of water
1/4 cup of sugar
1/4 cup of vinegar
2 tablespoon of salt

In a big bowl dissolved 1 cup of water with salt, sugar, vinegar then add carrot daikon. Put the pickle in a clean jar keep in the fridge until ready to use.

Directions to make Cambodian Sandwich Recipe

  1. To make the sandwich you need to toast the baguette (you can eat it cold, but toast is better)
  2. Slice the bread length wide spread with mayonnaise or Vietnamese paste
  3. Arrange the meat and jalapeño, cucumber, and then drizzle soy sauce, rooster sauce, top with pickle
  4. Carrot daikon and top with few pieces of cilantro.


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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 2

Calories Per Serving: 861

% Daily Value
Total Carbohydrate ‏119g 43%
Cholesterol ‏31mg 10%
Total Fat ‏41g 53%
Saturated Fat ‏6g 30%
Dietary Fiber ‏11g 39%
Protein ‏11g 22%
Sodium ‏9278mg 403%
Sugars ‏53g 106%


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15 min




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