Homemade Peppermint Bark Candies Recipe

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Homemade Peppermint Bark Candies Recipe

The Homemade Peppermint Bark Candies Recipe offers a quick and easy way to create a festive treat, making it ideal for the holiday season or any occasion. With just a few minutes of preparation, these candies can be made to share at parties or give as thoughtful gifts. The simplicity of the recipe adds to its appeal, requiring only a few basic ingredients, including semisweet dark chocolate, white chocolate bark, peppermint extract, vegetable oil, and crushed peppermint candies or candy canes.

To begin, a 9×9 inches pan is creased and set aside. The dark chocolate is melted first with vegetable oil and a portion of peppermint extract, and the mixture is poured into the prepared pan. Crushed peppermint candies are sprinkled over the chocolate, creating a visually appealing and flavorful layer. After allowing the dark chocolate to cool and harden, the process is repeated with white chocolate, the remaining peppermint extract, and additional crushed peppermint candies. Once the white chocolate layer has cooled, the candy can be broken into smaller chunks or creatively wrapped.

The result is a delightful and visually appealing peppermint bark candy that serves well as a sweet dessert. The recipe’s straightforward steps and minimal ingredients make it accessible to even novice cooks, and the finished product can be enjoyed as a festive treat or shared with others during holiday gatherings. The Homemade Peppermint Bark Candies Recipe is a versatile and enjoyable addition to any celebration.


8 oz semisweet dark chocolate or chocolate bark
2 tablespoon vegetable oil or canola
1/2 tablespoon peppermint extract divided
8 oz white chocolate bark
24 peppermint candies crush or use candy cane

Directions to make Homemade Peppermint Bark Candies Recipe

  1. Crease 9×9 inches pan set aside
  2. Melt the dark chocolate first with 1 t of vegetable oil and peppermint extract (make sure you divide) When the chocolate is melted pour into prepared pan sprinkle crush peppermint candy, let it cool and hard
  3. Now melt the white chocolate with 1 t of oil and the rest of peppermint extract.
  4. When the white chocolate is melted pour into prepared pan sprinkle with crush peppermint candy, let it cool.
  5. When the candy is cool break it into smaller chunk or wrap it as you like.

Serve this candies sweet as a dessert.

Thank you and enjoy it.

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 2

Calories Per Serving: 1584

% Daily Value
Total Carbohydrate ‏258g 94%
Cholesterol ‏24mg 8%
Total Fat ‏61g 78%
Saturated Fat ‏31g 155%
Dietary Fiber ‏3g 11%
Protein ‏8g 16%
Sodium ‏175mg 8%
Sugars ‏191g 382%


30 min


30 min




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