Slow Cook Pot Chuck Roast

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Slow Cook Pot Chuck Roast

The Slow Cook Pot Chuck Roast recipe offers a simple yet hearty comfort food option that can be easily prepared at home. This dish is both filling and flavorful, making it a perfect choice for a satisfying meal. The recipe is versatile and can be adapted for classic oven braising, as well as for use in a slow cooker or Instant Pot.

To begin, a chuck roast weighing 5 pounds is seasoned with a combination of salt, pepper, flour, and half a package of onion soup mix. The roast is then laid in the cooking vessel (whether a crock pot, oven, or Instant Pot) along with halved potatoes, bite-sized carrot pieces, quartered onion, and smashed garlic cloves. Chicken broth is added to provide moisture and flavor. The cooking process involves setting the crock pot to high and allowing it to cook for 5 hours.

Once the roast is cooked to perfection, a separate frying pan is used to sauté mushrooms in butter until they reach a soft texture. These mushrooms are then added on top of the roast, enhancing the overall flavor profile of the dish. Additionally, the juices remaining in the crock pot can be utilized to make a savory gravy, which can be poured over the roast for added richness.

This Slow Cook Pot Chuck Roast recipe provides a straightforward approach to creating a delicious and satisfying meal. Whether prepared in a slow cooker, oven, or Instant Pot, this dish promises a comforting dining experience that can be enjoyed by all.


5 lbs (2250 gram) of chuck roast
1 package of onion soup mix
1 cup of chicken broth
5 potatoes cut in half
5 big carrot cut to bite size
1 onion cut into 4 parts
2 tablespoon of flour
Cloves of garlic (smash)
2 to 3 cups of mushroom sauté with butter
Salt and pepper to taste

Directions to make Slow Cook Pot Chuck Roast

  1. Rub roast on both side with salt, pepper, flour and half package of onion soup mix
  2. Lay the roast in the crock pot add potatoes, carrots, onion and garlic cloves on top
  3. Add chicken broth put the lid on and turn the crock pot to high let it cooks for 5 hours.
  4. When the roast is done, in a fry pan add 2 tablespoon of butter and sauté the mushroom until soft
  5. Then add it on top of the roast when ready to serve.
  6. For the juice left in the crock pot you can make gravy to pour over the roast.

Thank you and enjoy it.

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 10

Calories Per Serving: 591

% Daily Value
Total Carbohydrate ‏22g 8%
Cholesterol ‏229mg 76%
Total Fat ‏19g 24%
Saturated Fat ‏7g 35%
Dietary Fiber ‏4g 14%
Protein ‏78g 156%
Sodium ‏258mg 11%
Sugars ‏3g 6%


30 min


1 hr




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